A fortnight and odd days

Another two weeks since the last post. Sigh. All those things I mentioned last time that were going to keep me busy? Wasn’t lying, that’s for sure. And today, when I should be at the last day of the Riotfest festival in Chicago seeing The Replacements, I am home sick with a fever and sporadically napping to prepare for another busy week.

But, along with all of the crazy scheduling, there have been wonderful things, one being the arrival of this box on Wednesday last:


It is even more beautiful and exciting than I imagined. I will have a launch reading at the Hinsdale Public Library this week that will include colleagues and friends and probably some students in the audience. I am especially proud to show my students that perseverance can bring you something you thought was just a dream. It’s certainly not the end of the journey – but it is a super exhilarating step!

I’ve had a short run of acceptances after a dry spell, and I also have applied for an exciting opportunity this summer about which I will remain irritatingly vague until I get word in about a month. I got to see my son this weekend (for two days, anyway), and I leave on Thursday for the Kentucky Women Writers Conference.

Still busy. But in a good way. In a writing way.


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