The Return of the Prompt – and a Giveaway Contest!

I stopped writing weekly prompts a little over a year ago because I was burnt out from thinking more about how to write a prompt than I was thinking about how to write. I do enjoy working from a well-written prompt, however, and I still believe in the value of prompts for pushing writers into ideas and forms that may not have come up otherwise.

So, in celebration of the release of my book A House of Many Windows, I offer you today a challenge and an opportunity to win a free copy of said book! How, you say? How can I win?Comp_09 (1)

It’s easy. Simply write a poem based on the prompt directions below and send it to me via email at djvorreyer(at) gmail(dot)com. I will choose a winner that will be published here on the blog, (of course, removed for you later if you choose to submit it elsewhere) and that winner will receive a free copy of the book in his/her very own mailbox.

The Challenge

Think about all of the windows and doors that have been a part of your life: the bedroom window from which you watched the stars or mooned over a crush; the door you slammed in your mother’s face; the window of the place you feel most at home; the door to your first apartment or family home; the tiny window near your office cubicle that offers you the smallest, most perfect square of sky.

A line in the penultimate poem of my book asks you to “think of the doors you have walked through and thought/I’m home. The windows you have opened near your bed/on a hot night. The lives you would have led/had one of them been nailed or painted shut.”

The prompt challenge is to: write about one of the windows or doors you remember and how it represents a thing or a moment that made a difference in your life. And, since I just took a sonnet workshop with the wonderful Molly Peacock, your poem should be sonnet-like. By that, I mean having any of the following elements that work for you:

  • work with the “magic proportion” (formally, an octave and a sestet; informally, a “front-loading” of sorts)
  • have some attention to music (follow a formal rhyme scheme if you like – or no rhyme but other musical elements of language)
  • have approximately 14 lines

Remember, the definition of a sonnet in contemporary poetry is pretty broad – don’t feel you have to get Elizabethan unless that really works for you! I will take emails for a week, then choose a winner. So throw open the nearest window, and get inspired!

3 thoughts on “The Return of the Prompt – and a Giveaway Contest!

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