Autumn Bounty

The weather here in Chicago is finally fall  – cool, breezy, sunny, leaves blowing and turning lovely colors. This is my favorite season, and I have been saddened by the short time we seem to have it now in the Midwest. A few weeks ago, it was still in the 90s some days, and soon enough it will be snowing. So some yard work and some walking this weekend helped put me in an autumn state of mind. (Plus, pulling out the garden meant roasted carrots with dinner last night…yum.)


Accompanying my autumn weekend has been a review version of The Daily Poet, a new book of prompts by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano. I will be writing a longer review of this book, but suffice it to say that, if you sometimes need a kick in the pants to get you writing, this book (coming in at almost 400 pages with a prompt for each day of the calendar year) is likely to do the trick. I have had trouble getting through reading the text to review as I keep stopping to try the prompts! (I think that’s a good sign…) Watch for a full review soon.


This is also the season of busy. This evening, I will be reading for the Waterline Writers in Batavia, IL along with my poetry pal and good friend Kristin LaTour. They often videotape their readings – if that is the case, I will link to the video when it is posted on their site. (That is, if I only have one chin…if the chins are multiple, the link will be yours to seek out.)

Next weekend, my niece and her husband celebrate their first anniversary with a big party, and the husband and I have a date night scheduled to see Cyrano de Bergerac at Chicago Shakespeare. Then, the following weekend will find us having a reunion with family and friends for a weekend in New Orleans – good food, good people, seeing my son, and the Voodoo Music Festival are on our agenda (including my second time seeing Nine Inch Nails this year -it’s a Trent thing.).

And always, writing. Whenever I can. Even if it’s not good. (And often it isn’t.) And that’s all right.


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