A Correction

Thank you to the person that pointed out that I merged two different Thoreau quotes in the last post. The title quote begins with “simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.” It is another quote – “our lives are frittered away by detail – simplify, simplify” – that I was recalling and happened to meld the two together.

However, I did not include your comment, anonymous corrector, since you were anonymous and had an email address that was mainly the word “poop.” So, although your ability to correct the quote is noble, you may want to consider using your name and a less spam-alicious email address for your comments to be posted.  Thanks.


2 thoughts on “A Correction

  1. Thank you for calling us noble. I am truly sorry that we could not include our names or real e-mail address. We did not feel comfortable with you knowing who we were.

    • Well, that’s unfortunate. If you are a student, parent of a student, or a colleague, you should know that I would be the first to admit that I am far from perfect. I often post in the evening after grading/planning/other family responsibilities are done, and I often have to go back to update small errors as I am human. I appreciate the correction – I am always, however, wary of anonymous commenters as the anonymity sometimes gives opportunity for less than helpful discourse.

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