Literary Black Friday?

Every year on Thanksgiving, my mother still insists that we all make Christmas wish lists, even though my brothers and I range from ages 48 to 54 and my youngest niece is 17. There’s something about opening a package instead of an envelope that she is not willing to give up on, and I agree. (Although I refuse to go out and do the whole crazy “Black Friday” shopping thing – I don’t need anything in my life badly enough to warrant fighting crowds.)

I am, quite frankly, the easiest person in the world for whom to purchase a gift. As long as it has something to do with writing, reading, art, poetry, etc., I’m a happy camper.  I share some of my own literary wish list here in case you need to find the perfect gift for the literature lover in your life, or you need some ideas for your own list.


Kristy Bowen’s The Shared Properties of Water and Stars (Noctuary Press.) Kristy’s work is always evocative, and I have been waiting to read this collection for a long time.

The New Census: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry (Rescue Press). Many names in this anthology who deserve to be collected. And all in one place!

Darling Hands, Darling Tongue by Sally Rosen Kindred (Hyacinth Girl Press) I have written Peter Pan variation poems myself and can’t wait to read this chapbook.

The Kind of Beauty That Has Nowhere to Go by Elisa Gabbert and Kathleen Rooney (Hyacinth Girl Press) Two poets I admire collaborating? Win-win.

First Wife by Laura Madeline Wiseman (Hyacinth Girl Press) A new chapbook from a prolific poet that I also admire. And all three of these by Hyacinth Girl Press.

These are, by all means, not the only books I long for, but this is the short list. I have to save some book-buying for AWP in Seattle. 🙂


Writing-Related Loveliness

Any of the writing-related art/items on the Etsy site of Obvious State. My favorites are the T.S. Eliot “Do I dare disturb the universe?” teapot and the Virginia Woolf “wild horses” piece. The art is available in poster form, on notebooks, and on t-shirts. Yes, please.

A cutting board that looks like a book? A great addition for any book lover’s kitchen.

Disclaimer: I already own these beautiful Shakespeare pieces (courtesy of my husband, who always chooses perfect gifts for me). I wear them almost daily, so if anyone in your life deserves an extra special gift and also happens to love Shakespeare, you’re welcome for the lead:

Necklace quotes Hamlet – “To thine own self be true.”

Bracelet is Sonnet 116 (my favorite)

And, to end the list, pretty much anything from this website: The Literary Gift Company. Seriously. I dare you to not find SOMETHING you love here. 


And now, I’m off to surf the web to find perfect, thoughtful selections for family and friends who are a bit more picky than I am. (At least the ones for whom I am buying instead of making gifts…) Wish me luck! 


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