That is the sound of the long exhale, the beginning of two weeks of enjoying my home, my family, and the peace and quiet that comes with a winter break. Sleeping in. Time to take care of things in the house that have been neglected. Watching movies. Time to write. And read. Time to just be. And I’m off to a good start.


First a couple of quotes…

This quote from Negotiating with the Dead –  lectures by Margaret Atwood:

“The act of writing takes place at the moment when Alice passes through the mirror. At this one instant, the glass barrier between the doubles dissolves, and Alice is neither here nor there, neither art nor life, neither the one thing nor the other, though at the same time, she is all of these at once. At that moment, time itself stops, and also stretches out, and both writer and reader have all the time not in the world.”

This quote(maybe not exact -I was concentrating!) from my yoga instructor in today’s restorative class:

“You may be here to open the parts of your body that are constricted, but the more your body opens, the more every part of you will be open to the infinite fascination of the world around you.”

Both of these are certainly worth considering as I hope to get some drafting done these two weeks and be open to new ideas, to be able to be both me (the writer) and something else (a double) when I enter the new world of a poem.


I have drafted a couple of new poems already this weekend after being reminded (by Michael Palin’s travel show about Brazil) that I had indeed seen pink dolphins when we traveled along the Amazon in Peru. There is a transformational mythology surrounding these dolphins that I have started exploring in what may be a new series of poems (which may require both some research and brushing up on my very rusty Spanish).


I am two parts in to Patrick Stewart’s amazing one-man audio rendition of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, in which he does all of the voices. It has become a tradition for me to listen to the story this way every year, usually my first few days home without anyone around, but since the holiday is coming quickly upon me this year, I started my listening yesterday while catching up on some ironing. The story has been a favorite of mine for years, despite the many bastardizations of it in film and cartoon. It contains some of Dickens’s loveliest language and is much more nuanced than its simplified versions portray.


A farewell to the wonderful online journal The Dirty Napkin – I am proud to have my poem “Oppositions” featured in its final issue. (For some reason, it is not possible to navigate from the main page, so the link here will take you directly to the piece.) Be sure to read the other fine writers in this issue and check out the archives as well.


Coming soon: Installment Three in Donna’s Adventures in Videopoem Creation…


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