And…it’s finished.

The holiday, yes. A lovely one with lots of laughter and love. (Unintentional bad alliteration there. Apologies.)

But also my very first video poem. Using the Poetry Storehouse, I choose Dave Bonta’s poem “Bear Moon” to remix as I loved its gentleness with a hint of menace. I admire all of Dave’s work, so I wanted to be sure he approved of the video before sharing it. Well, he happily did, so it’s time to share!  I would love to know what you think – it is my first attempt at video/sound editing, and there are a few things I couldn’t get exactly the way I wanted them, but overall, I think it’s a good first effort. (You can go back and read here, here, and here for more details on how I chose film, music, etc.) I hope you enjoy Dave’s words, and I hope that the little film does them justice.

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