Down with OPP: A New Weekly Feature for the New Year

When I stopped doing Tow Truck and Mix Tape posts weekly, some readers (Margo, I’m looking at you…) were a little disappointed. But I was feeling burnt out, spending my weeks trying to figure out what prompt to write or which poem to analyze/feature, and not spending enough time reading the work of others or giving close attention to my own writing. After a year of posting less frequently here, and with no regularity, I find that I miss the feeling of it.

So, not wanting to overwhelm myself again but desiring to somehow do a weekly feature for 2014, I decided to combine my desire to read more with my desire to share the work I’m reading. The current Facebook meme that is spreading poetry put me in mind of how many poets I have NOT read. So, without further ado, are you ready to get down with OPP?

Other people’s poetry, of course. (I know I’m dating myself with that title, but once it got stuck in my head, I couldn’t think of a different name…)

Once a week, I will introduce a poem by a poet that is not considered “widely read” or with whom I have had little experience, offer some insight into what I appreciated about/learned from that particular poem, offer suggestions for further reading (both online and in book form), and perhaps even provide a writing or revision prompt based on the poem. SPOILER ALERT: There may be some poetic nepotism involved here, but I have so many talented friends and acquaintances who deserve a larger audience that I don’t think you’ll mind.

Look for the first post on Monday, January 13. (I know I’ve already missed a Monday, but I promise, you’ll get 52 poets by the end of next December). New posts will go live every Monday – a poem is the perfect way to start the week, after all – and by the end of the year, you’ll have met 52 poets. What’s not to like about OPP?


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