A Quick AWP Round-Up

Sitting in my hotel in Seattle with my husband, watching some television and decompressing after a long and mentally exhausting weekend that brought many highs and few, if any, lows. I bought more books than I can probably fit into my bags, but I’ll make it work. I met people who were strangers who I hope will become acquaintances and maybe friends. I got to spend real-life, face-to-face time with both virtual writer friends and amazing people who have helped bring my work to life. I attended panels that were fun, interesting, intellectually stimulating, inspiring and sometimes frustrating. (In a good way. In a “I really need to consider these things in my own work” way.) I hatched an idea for an essay. I outlined three new ways to introduce required essay work to my students based on a panel I attended.  I drafted a couple of poems, and I dipped into a few pages here and there of some of my purchases. I participated in an off-site reading and got a wonderful audience response to my work. All the copies of my book that my publisher brought to the bookfair sold out. I took care of myself and didn’t over-extend, gave myself time to digest what I had learned, talk to people, sit quietly in one of the lovely quiet corners of the Washington Convention Center. All this and more.

Once I get home, I will spend some time sharing some of the more thought-provoking ideas that stayed with me and some of the specifics of the weekend. This week’s OPP will also be delayed until I have time to gather and post that information once I get home, so it may be Tuesday instead of Monday. Until then, may you continue the weekend either partying away the last night here in Seattle, sitting quietly with a book or a loved one, or whatever else makes you happy.


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