It Lives

It has been over a month since I’ve had both the time and the mental energy to write a post. Nothing tragic, nothing specific, just one of those months when everything seems difficult and it seems that no end is in sight. Add to that major construction projects on our home (new siding and planning a kitchen remodel) and…sigh. School finally ended Tuesday (after two extension days for weather/mold remediation days at our school), so my summer has officially begun, and I should be back on a more regular basis.

Although I haven’t been posting, I have been reading. And writing. And revising. And submitting. And all of those things a good poet is supposed to do, just not as much or as well as I’d like. Here are a few of the things that kept me going the past few months:

  • Molly Spencer at The Stanza – Her Friday posts are always thoughtful, funny, and real, and there’s always one little tidbit of writing advice or discovery that rings true. A must-read blog for me, even if every other thing falls by the wayside.
  • Eduardo Corral‘s photos from his trip to Italy – following Eduardo’s trip vicariously through his Twitter feed has been a little visual vacation. It doesn’t hurt that he’s funny and writes amazing poems. Follow him @EduardoCCorral on Twitter and see what I mean.
  • Good friends – including the husband, of course. My colleagues, who were just as stressed as I was, kept me laughing every day. And coming home is always a respite and a comfort.
  • Good news – Not only do I have a new job description for next year (as the school writing interventionist, working with middle schoolers who are reluctant or struggling writers), I also received the news that Sundress Publications has agreed to publish my second manuscript (currently without a solid title) in 2016! In addition, my son successfully graduated from college in four years and has even found a job. So through all the crazy, stressful stuff, there were some good things sprinkled in, for sure.

And always the words. They haven’t come easily lately, and they haven’t had much of interest to say, but they keep coming. That is something.



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