A fortnight and odd days

The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur. My 30th wedding anniversary brought a long-awaited vacation last week which was wonderful but quick, and productive curriculum work at school this week has made this one go VERY quickly with little time for contemplation or writing. Plus I had a birthday. But I am now old enough where that is not a big deal. Or too big a deal. Never mind. *shakes fist *Get off my lawn.

I did manage some reading and a little drafting over this two week period:

  • Finally read Donna Taart’s The Goldfinch. Although there were parts of it that I enjoyed quite a bit, there were also large chunks where I was disinterested or didn’t care for the plot turns. Worth reading, but not the masterpiece I was expecting after reading some of the rave reviews. Loved the characters of Hobie and Boris much more than the main character.
  • Received my Big Poetry Giveaway win from Susan Rich over at The Alchemist’s Kitchen: Susan Elbe’s A Map of What Happened. Set in Chicago, this poetry volume is rife with strong and resonant images and emotional impact, especially for this Chicago area native whose father could have been a character in some of these poems.
  • Needing a kick in the pants to draft, I have been creating word banks from the Verses app on my phone. This little app is like magnetic poetry tiles that you can remix over and over. You can move the words around the screen or as I do, (since the screen is so small), make lists of them in your notebook and write from there. I particularly think one of these word bank drafts has some promise.
  •  I received this book as a gift from the family of one of my students at the end of the year. I have been using it for morning pages, and the little pull-off quotes at the bottom are being saved for a future project. I love it. Take a look.

I am anxiously awaiting the results of both a chapbook contest and an open submissions period for a different chapbook at a different press. I have several subs out to journals, and I am preparing for a week at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival coming in early July. Iowa City has become a writing home to me, and I am looking forward not only to my class with Arda Collins but also to my favorite writing haunts and uninterrupted quiet time to work.

Summer has finally arrived. And as a bonus, I get to watch men with amazing legs play the beautiful game almost every day of the week. What’s not to like?


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