Good Reads

Not the website. (I know that I’m supposed to be active there, that it’s a good way to share your own reading as well as promote the books you write, but I can’t imagine having the time to manage ONE MORE THING online than I already am. As evidenced by my incredible neglect of this blog since spring.)

I’m talking about actual things I’ve read. Or heard read. It’s been a good week for that. Here are some things you may want to check out:

The new issue of Stirring: A LIterary Journal, featuring a devastating poem by Kami Westhoff called “Tiny Weapons.”

This incredible poem by Gabriella R. Tallmadge at The Dialogist. She is quick becoming one of my favorite poets. Someone give her a giant prize and publish her book, please.

The Road to Emmaus, the new book by Spencer Reece, who I was lucky enough to hear read at a special Rhino Poetry event at editor Ralph Hamilton’s home. Many of his poems are long (as the one linked here), and I feel I learned something from reading them about how to maintain a long, linked narrative.

The new issue of Poetry magazine featuring a dazzling array of poems I enjoyed, especially Traci Brimhall’s “Better to Marry than to Burn” (another of my favorite poets) and “Belief in Magic” by Dean Young, who just keeps getting better.

And, last but not least, finally a close read of The Hourglass Museum by Kelli Russell Agodon. I always appreciate the realness of her poems. Although they are carefully crafted, they have a real voice. This book also deals with choosing the creative life and what that means in terms of family and how others perceive you, so it was a good choice for me right now.

In two days, I’ll be leaving for my week in Iowa City. I will post from there (daily, hopefully) since I will be free of life’s usual duties and trappings.


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