The Obligatory Year-End Post

The December weather in Chicago has remained suspiciously fall-like, and I am not complaining. My new position at the middle school is challenging and exhausting and different, and I like it. My son has graduated from college and is living on his own and supporting himself. My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this summer, and we did some major remodeling on our home. In other words, life is good. Very good.

I haven’t been here regularly, but I am here. I haven’t decided how or if I have a plan for posting more often in 2015 – if I do, it will hopefully be to share more of what I’ve been reading, hearing, and learning, more about process and less about submitting and acceptances and the business of poetry. New years are about starting over, about having a vision for what’s ahead. This year, instead of making lofty resolutions – about this blog, about my fitness, about my writing – I will resolve simply to do my best to do my best.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “The Obligatory Year-End Post

  1. I like this: “I will resolve simply to do my best to do my best.” I think I’ll do the same. Good thoughts to you as the new year approaches, Donna.

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