Reading and Watching

Cold. Ice. Snow. Gray and gray and more gray. It has been the type of January that winter that lends itself to couches, blankets, books and movies. We are on our usual Oscar binge  as we like to see all the major nominations before the awards are handed out. I have to say that, although there were many good performances, I found many of them slow and not that interesting. My three choices for most entertaining were The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game, and Whiplash, which was by far my favorite. It showed that a movie based on characters can work, and I actually cared about those characters, which didn’t happen in some of the other films.

As for reading, it’s been mostly poetry. Brown Girl, Dreaming, the YA National Book Award winner by Jacqueline Woodson, was a beautiful memoir in verse. My colleagues at work have been encouraging me to explore this popular YA format (novel in verse, etc.), but reading her book made me realize it is quite an undertaking, but one that is intriguing. I have some notes for a project based on a historical event that will take a boatload of research but may be a good summer obsession. (Newberry Research Library, here I come.)

I’ve been trying to keep up with journal reading, both in print and online, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. Between work and trying to work out and be healthier this year, I’m lucky if I read the poems that arrive in my email. But what poems they have been, especially the last two entries in Linebreak. I was so happy when this journal’s demise was  postponed. It is consistently a journal that wows me, and it was one of my happiest publication credits. Do yourself a favor and go read these two fine poems by Brittney Scott and Anna Rose Welch.

Countdown to AWP in Minneapolis: 60 days! I am looking forward to meeting so many of the poets and editors I spend time with on the page or the screen.



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