Fill In The Blanks with Lisa Mangini


Lisa is both a poet and fiction writer, as well as the editor of Paper Nautilus. We are also chapbook press mates at Red Bird Chapbooks. In her role as editor, I appreciate Lisa’s dedication to her many literary projects and also the kindness and good humor with which she treats her contributors, as I am pleased to have been one. In her role as writer, I have come to admire the broad scope of her work. Let’s find out a little more about Lisa below as she fills in the blanks – and please check out all of Lisa’s many projects and accomplishments at the bottom of the post.


My vaudeville act would consist of simultaneously assembling Ikea furniture while alternating between rehearsing lesson plans aloud and singing along to music from the late-90s.

I know that onions are evil, but no one believes me. Always sneaking into every food like some kind of requisite condiment. Yuck. 
I own way too many outrageously colored/patterned blazers for one human being.
No one would believe it if they saw me fully awake and functional before 7 a.m.
I take great joy in the seemingly tedious act of grading assignments. Knitting.
Reorganizing bookcases. (I apparently love the seemingly-tedious?)
The retail store that best represents my writing is probably that teenage accessory store, Claire’s, because it’s kind of whimsical, a little dramatic, and almost everything is compact enough to fit in your pocket. And because a part of me is secretly fourteen still.
Lisa Mangini holds an MFA from Southern Connecticut State University. She is the author of Bird Watching at the End of the World, a full-length poetry collection, and three chapbooks. She is the founding Editor of Paper Nautilus, and a Lecturer of English at Penn State University.
Twitter: @Lisaquarius
Bird Watching at the End of the World (Poetry collection)
Paper Nautilus Twitter: @APaperNautilus

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