Fill In the Blanks with Ruth Foley


Ruth Foley and I met (although only still virtually, which we need to remedy) through mutual poet-friend Kristin LaTour. I only knew her as a poet and editor of Cider Press Review at first, but am happy to have made the acquaintance of this beekeeping, badass woman. Let’s all get better acquainted with Ruth as she fills in the blanks.

If I was one of the castaways on Gilligan’s Island, I would be the professor because I am always overthinking things and I’m pretty handy with a coconut but not so handy that it will actually be of any use whatsoever.

If I could have a relationship with a fictional character, I would choose Jimmy Stewart’s character in The Philadelphia Story(Macaulay Connor) because he has a good job, a good sense of humor, and Katharine Hepburn, divine goddess that she is, is not good enough for him. Also, that man could smolder when he wanted to.

My favorite unnecessary item in my home is my jar of beach glass, but don’t let it hear you call it “unnecessary.”

Fill in the rhymes for this failed Katy Perry song draft:  “Baby, you’re a waaaaaaffle fry, c’mon let your freak flag fly.”

I am dangerous when someone threatens my loves but easily tamed by those same loves, who usually don’t need me to defend them.

I have the ambition of a lizard, but the agility of a kangaroo.



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