Fill in the Blanks with Melissa Eleftherion

me in woods

I first became aware of Melissa Eleftherion’s work from her 2013 dancing girl chapbook huminsect. Although Melissa’s writing style is about as far from mine as one can get, I admire her work’s vivid imagery and movement, and I feel that I learn from reading her poems. Let’s see how she filled in the blanks…

Sometimes I wish I could turn into damselfly and then I could glide in circles over lakes and rivers. Here I’d fold my wings across my upper back & trip out with my giant compound eyes.

The most memorable saying or aphorism my parents or grandparents used when I was young was Ancora! (trans. Italian – “still” or “enough”; trans. Italian-American Brooklynese – “enough! shut up already!”)

My cat is such a show-off.

The item in my junk drawer that best describes my writing is an eroded piece of sea-glass I wore all the time as a teen because it’s been distilled from so much effluvial bullshit.

If I found a message in a bottle, I would probably show it to my son & ask him if he’d like to send his own message. Then I’d coax him into co-writing a short story with me about self-sufficient, short boys who roam a deserted island & obey no sound but their own roaring.  

I would not have sex with Donald Trump or any other bloated male Republican if you paid me a million dollars.


Melissa Eleftherion grew up in Brooklyn. A high school dropout, she went on to earn degrees in film production, English literature, and library science. She is the author of huminsect (dancing girl press, 2013), prism maps (dusie kollektiv, 2014), Pigtail Duty (dancing girl press, 2015), and several other chapbooks and fragments. Recent work appears or is forthcoming in Bone Bouquet, Delirious Hem, Entropy, Manifesting the Female Epic, Negative Capability, Open Letters Monthly, So to Speak, ​Tinderbox, ​& TRUCK. She works as a librarian with Mendocino County Libraries, and created, developed, and currently manages the Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange.​ Follow her @apoetlibrarian & ​

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