Early Sunday morning (really early), Kristin LaTour and I are taking our show on the road. Well, we don’t really have a show. Perhaps we should plan a dance routine or something. Jazz hands? Grapevines and do-si-dos? Maybe not. But we’re taking our poems on the road and heading south to Sundress Academy for the Arts for a week-long residency at the Knoxville farm as well as taking a side trip to Nashville for a reading at East Side Story bookstore in collaboration with The Porch Writing Collective. And, in addition to the writing time and two readings, there are other bonus elements to this trip. A baby shower! Mom time for me with my son in Nashville! Chickens and goats and Jayne the donkey!

We both have writing tasks that we want to complete over the course of the week, and we are good working partners, knowing how to give each other space and how to support when the going gets tough. And it will get tough. Drafting new poems and organizing manuscripts can be mentally taxing, taking you down roads that aren’t on your internal GPS, leading you to places that may seem a little scary until you get acclimated. And that’s okay. Because road trips always come with a sense of the unknown. Getting there is half the fun, and driving those roads, both rural and neural, with one of my best friends will certainly be worth the ride.


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