It Feels Just Like Starting Over

*UPDATED LIST AS OF JANUARY 20 – As of today, I will be unable to continue adding new bloggers to this list. While I am thrilled that so many people are resurrecting their long-form blogs, the list has become difficult to manage. I will attempt to add anyone who has asked as of today.

It’s been a while, readers. It’s almost 2018, and I haven’t posted in over a year here. Which I miss. And I’m hoping you’re still there.

If you are, then stick around for what I hope you will consider good news. Many writers like myself found their first poetry communities online. By reading posts like this one and participating in forums (like ReadWritePoem), we built relationships and learned from one another. Since I do not have an MFA and have been primarily an autodidact when it comes to poetry, this was very important for me.  And, although I now use social media to connect with a large literary community, many of us have been mourning (for lack of a better word), the opportunity to have access to each other’s extended thoughts on the writing life and poetry in general.

So, sparked by a Twitter conversation with Kelli Russell Agodon, and in honor of that more intimate connection that we so dearly miss, a group of writers have vowed to TRY to post once a week in 2018.

TRY is the operative word. Life happens. Some weeks are harder than others, busier, more complicated. But once a week, we will TRY to share something about poetry or our writing lives with you.

You may wonder what types of posts may constitute a poetry blog. The possibilities are endless but could include:

  • craft discussions
  • reviews/sharing reading lists
  • poem drafts
  • process discussions
  • Successes and failures
  • interviews
  • prompts
  • market news/suggestions
  • news of the “writing world”

Listed below are the writers who are participating. Follow them. Bookmark them. Have a read. And if you like something you read, SHARE IT!  That’s part of what communities do–support one another and spark conversations that are on-going & fruitful. And if you get inspired…join us!

Happy reading and writing in 2018!


Ringleaders of This New Year’s Resolution:

Kelli Russell Agodon-   

Donna Vorreyer –  

Bloggers to Follow in ABC Order

Beth Adams –

Neil Aitken –

Lana Ayers –

Teresa Hichens Ballard –

Sandra Beasley –

Carolee Bennett –

Mary Biddinger – 

Andrea Blythe –

Dave Bonta –

Jim Brock 

James Brush

Angela T Carr

Patricia Caspers

Ian Frederick Caton –

Grant Clauser

Kevin Connor –

Jared Conti – 

Josephine Corcoran –

Jill Crammond  

Jenelle D’Alessandro –

Laura E. Davis –

Kate Debolt –

Heather Derr-Smith –   

Risa Denenberg –

Amy Dryansky

Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

Andrew Eickstead 

Renee Emerson –

Lou Faber –

John Foggin – http//

Jeannine Hall Gailey  – 

Gail Goepfert –

Erica Goss

Uma Gowrishankar –

Gregg –

Sarah Kain Gutowski –

Charlotte Hamrick –

Kim Whysall -Hammond –

Erin Hollowell – 

Trish Hopkinson

Jennifer Hudgens

Catherine Hume:

Crystal Ignatowski –

MJ Iuppa –

Charles Jensen –


Jill McCabe Johnson

Dick Jones

Laura M. Kaminski –

Collin Kelley

Melanie Kerr

Kathleen Kirk

Anita Olivia Koester –

Hyejung Kook –

Courtney LeBlanc –   

Diane Lockward –

Lorena P Matejowsky   

Marilyn McCabe

Ann Michael –

Amy Miller –

Lakshmi Mitra –

James Moore –   

LouAnn Sheperd Muhm –

January Gill O’Neill  – .  

Shawnte Orion

Frank Prem –

Ren Powell

Pym –

Bethany Reid 

Neil Reid –

Susan Rich –

Stephen B. Rogers –

Kerfe Roig –

Lee Ann Roripaugh

Sarah Russell –

Sandra Sarr –

Jennifer Saunders

Surazeus Seamount –

Carl Setzer –

Martha Silano:

Kim Bailey Spradlin –

Bonnie Staiger –

Jayne Stanton

Rosemary Starace

Bekah Steimel –

Hannah Stephenson –

Gerry Stewart –

Stephanie Lane Sutton

Christine Swint –   

Carey Taylor –

Pam Thompson –

Giles Turnbull –

Dylan Tweney –

Eric M.R. Webb –

Michael Allyn Wells:

Lesley Wheeler

Allyson Whipple

Sean Wright

Bloggers who did not leave their names:



156 thoughts on “It Feels Just Like Starting Over

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  7. Hey, I’m already added under ‘Lakshmi’ (which you could change to Lakshmi Mitra if you want!) – I was just wondering if you could add my wordpress blog link too ( I’m planning to blog alternately on my tumblr and my wordpress for this! You must be very busy but if you can that’d be great. Thanks!

  8. Since the revival tour was a New Year’s resolution deal, does it makes sense to keep adding blogs beyond, say, the end of January? Obviously there’s a limit to how many blogs any of us can read! But nothing stops other groups of bloggers from following our lead and organizing themselves in similar fashion.

  9. Hey I just found you from Twitter. It is so good to know that there are other bloggers who right about poetry out here. If you want to check out my blog the link is:

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  11. Hey, thanks! I’m glad I’m on this list, shown as I.F. Caton … but can you do me a solid and change it to Ian Frederick Caton.


    • The next time I edit, I will. When I get comments, if people don’t include their full names, it is cumbersome to go to each site to find full names. Please be patient and I will edit by the end of the week if I can.

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