Mix Tape Archive

#1: Love Song (“Love Poem” by J. Frederick Nims)

#2: Hope I Die Before I Get Old (“old age” by e e cummings)

#3: Because the Night (“Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost)

#4: All Lies and Jest (“The Boxer” by Paul Simon)

#5: Of the Body, of the Mother, of the Mind (“The Question of my Mother” by Robin Ekiss)

#6: Intelligent Design (” Colosseum” by Katie Ford)

#7: By the Sea (“The End of March” by Elizabeth Bishop)

#8: Modern Minstrel (“Red Right Ankle” by Collin Melloy)

#9: Prose by Any Other Name ( Jane Hirshfield – “Waking the Morning Dreamless after a Long Sleep”

#10: (sigh) (various lines from the AWP conference)

#11: Good Advice – (“Dance Stupider” by Hannah Stephenson)

#12: The Unspoken Feeling– Jack Gilbert

#13: A Different Kind of Music – Patrick Rosal

#14: Dedications -“Dedications”  -Adrienne Rich

#15: Telling It True – “What Makes Me Happy” – Douglas Goetsch

#16: Giving Thanks – “Thanks” W.S. Merwin

#17: “Famous” Naomi Shihab Nye

#18: Nepotism – “The Apiary” by Rachel Bunting

#19: Howe to Continue – Marie Howe’s “What the Living Do”

#20: Aubades – “Aubade with Broken Neck” Traci Brimhall

#21: K.I.S.S. – Kay Ryan’s “Crown”

#22: On Mothering and Earning It – Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s “The Latch”

#23: Heritage: Ocean Vuong’s “My Mother Remembers Her Mother”

#24: Night and Day and Bones – Galway Kinnell’s “Poem of Night”

#25: Having (Gasp) Fun – David Kirby’s “Broken Promises”

#26: Misnomers – “Title and Registration” Ben Gibbard/Death Cab for Cutie

#27: Ceremony – “I Know No Ceremony” Stevie Edwards

#28: A Birthday Walk – John Ashberry’s “Walking Around”

#29: Smashed Goblets – “Guitar” Federico Garcia Lorca

#30: Beautiful and Useful – Laura Dixon

#31:Light-Fingered – “Robber Girl” by Melissa Stein

#32: Imbalance: Nick Lantz “The Collapse of a Twenty-Story Bamboo Construction Scaffold Caught on Home Video – Hong Kong, September 12, 2002”

 #33: Small Epiphanies:  “From the Platform” Heather Aimee O’Neill

#34: The “Of Machine” – “Objects and Apparitions” Elizabeth Bishop

#35: Rock/Lobster – Matt Guenette’s “Clean”

#36: When in Doubt – Jack Gilbert

#37: Digging in the Dirt – “Mercy Street” by Peter Gabriel

#38: Going the Distance – Irving Feldman’s “The Runners”

#39: Vanity – Leslie Ann Chang

#40: A Dutch Interior – Seamus Heaney

#41: Braiding the Storm by Laura E. Davis

#42: Ends and the Earth – Andrea Witzke Slot

#43: Marty McConnell’s Wine for a Shotgun

#44: “Dusting” by Marilyn Nelson

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